ELENFER TRADING IMPORT & MARKETING (1991) LTD, Founded in the early 19th century in Poland by Moshe Ferens. The first generation of the Ferens family in the paper and cardboard industry. With Moshe’s passing his son Joseph Ferens, 2nd generation, continued his father legacy.
Shortly after WWII, Joseph relaunched the family business in his new home country, Israel.
In 1962 The company transitioned from manufacture to trade.
Until this day, The company is owned and managed by the Ferens family. Henryk Ferens, 3rd generation, as chairman, and his children Sharon Ferens and Elinor Ferens, 4th generation, in key management positions.
Elenfer Trading Import & Marketing (1991) Ltd main line of business is paper and cardboard for printing and packaging, in Offset mode and Digital mode.
Elenfer imports a variety of paper products, such as, Coated paper, Uncoated Wood Free, Duplex grey back/ White back, Copy Paper & Cream Paper which main purpose is for printing, cutting products by the company and for the packaging industry in general.
All of the products Elenfer Trading Import & Marketing (1991) Ltd carries are from the high quality manufactures in Japan and Korea, Evident to that is the fast printing process and top of the line printing quality. Our clients are the Israel’s leading printing houses, Digital printing houses, publishing houses, Packaging factories and office supply distributers.
The strategic location of the Elenfer Trading Import & Marketing (1991) Ltd warehouses , Tzrifing Logistic Center, ensures fast deliveries to our clients nationwide.




In 1937 Joseph Ferens join his father, Moshe Ferens, in the family paper business located in Chestohova Poland. After WWII Joseph and his family moved to Israel, where  he relaunched the family business under the new name “Tarshim”, the company’s main line of business those days were notebooks and paper envelopes.

In 1962, the company transitioned to import and trade.




In 1979, Henryk Ferens joined his father, Joseph Ferens, shorty after graduating from Middlesex university in London, England, and completing an internship in Bowater Paper.

After his father’s passing, Henryk continued managing the company he built, importing various paper products for printing from Europe. In the year 1991, the company name was changed to ELENFER TRADING IMPORT & MARKETING (1991) LTD. around that time, Henryk saw the changes within the global market and the tremendous potential in Asia. Henryk was one of the first Israeli businessman to develop business relations with the asian market, to this day they remain our main manufacturers.




In 2005, Sharon Ferens joined his father, Henryk Ferens, After finishing his bachelors degree in IDC Collage in Israel. With Sharon’s arrival to Elenfer, he decided to put more emphasis on growing the costumer base and improving the costume care. More so, he identified the new trends and developments in technology within the printing industry that shifted towards digital printing.

In 2015, Elenfer purchased two guillotines that enabled bespoke cutting for the digital printing house. With high demand the company founded the Digital Paper department, Digital World By ELENFER. 



ELINOR FERENS, Business Development

In 2013, Elinor Ferens joined her father and brother, Henryk Ferens and Sharon Ferens, after completing her studies in NYU SCPS, Art History and Real estate development in NYC, following her LL.B. from Sheeari Mishpat in Israel. With her arrival to Elenfer, Elinor worked her way through the various departments in the company, to better understand the market needs and the role Elenfer has in the local market.

As a result, In 2016 Digital World By ELENFER was launched, setting a younger and innovative tone to the four generation company.


Yaccov Nachmias

Sales Director


Pnina Levy



Nicholay Lancheva

Warehouse Manager


Yaccov Nachmias

Sales Director


Pnina Levy



Digital World By Elenfer

In 2015 Elenfer Trading Import & Marketing (1991) Ltd identified the need to develop a new department following the changes in the printing industry in Israel and across the world.

The digital department provides paper specificly for digital printing machines, from the world leading manufacture, Korean based ,Hansol Paper.

In the department we offer around the clock bespoke cutting by measure per client, from our two brand new guillotines.

In 2016, with the department fully equipped and staffed, we lunched Digital World By Elenfer.


Offset Paper

From the Early days of Elenfer Trading Import & Marketing (1991) Ltd, the company made her emphasis in high quality paper that performs well and fast when entered the Offset printing process.

In our Offset department our clients are offer the wide range of products, from UWF/ Coated Paper/ Duplex, Copy Paper & Cream Paper.

All products are available in various gsm and measurements for any printing needs and machinery, can also be custom made by the client’s needs.

The warehouse staff make sure the items are well prepared for delivery and the company’s fleet of trucks assures fast delivery all across the country.


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